Our 2018 collection is entirely derived from a central idea of Time and Space.

At a time when we've never been more digitally connected, we've never been less connected to the people, places, moments and objects that ground us. As screens and technology pervade our lives, we risk losing meaningful physical interactions and relationships in the fleeting gratification of the virtual.

We wanted to create a collection in response to this — a range of tactile, material objects which encourage time well spent. Time with others, time to think, time to converse, time to slow down, time to just be.

This is not anti-technology. In fact this embraces technology, accepting that it's presence will continually grow within the activities of daily life. It is however about balance, and the importance of time, space and happiness within all the noise.


About NTN


Originally conceived in 2014 by product designer Ian Walton, NTN began by quietly producing small batches of W1 watches as a side-project within design studio notion for two years. Believing strongly that the design and provenance of the watches had potential beyond this format, Walton officially established NTN as a brand in September 2016 with an inaugural collection released on the 1st of December of the same year.

We are designers first and foremost, and design is at the very centre of every decision we make. The design of our watches originally represented an aim to distill products to their most essential components. This is not about simplification for the sake of being simple - instead it is about eliminating noise. We do this in order to create objects that are as clear and as honest as we can. This approach extends to our most recent collection as our range grows around the original timepiece.

Our watches are built by qualified professional horologists in small quantities. From the setting of the hands to the silk-screen printing of our crystals, from the die cutting of our leather to the hand stitching and assembly of our straps, everything happens here. Our other products are also produced as locally as possible, mainly in-house.

Making our products in Ireland was not initially the plan, having experience of manufacturing around the world, but once we started we couldn’t stop. Seeing raw materials come in one door and watches go the other has given us a connection to the products and the people involved in them that we wouldn’t change.