INKWELL Pen & Holder (Pre-Order)

INKWELL Pen & Holder (Pre-Order)

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Please note that this product is being sold on a pre-order basis. The first Inkwell Pens will ship in early 2018. Any orders placed in 2017 will receive a certificate of pre-order.

A pen and a place for thoughts.
This object has been designed not only as a writing instrument but also as an item which is intentionally static. There is no lid, instead the pen rests vertically in a poured concrete/resin base. 

This pen does not move with you, it doesn't live in a shirt pocket or get lost in your car. It remains in one place and in doing so defines a space for slowing down and thinking. It invites moments of creativity or reflection.

The reference of an old inkwell is intentional, and contrasting this with a contemporary manufacturing technique even more so. The body of the pen is 3D printed in matte black Stainless Steel. This creates a granular surface texture and a weighty object that reinforce ideas of tactility and slowness.

Designer: Ian Walton
Material: 3D Printed Stainless Steel, Concrete, PU Resin, Cork
Insert: Japanese Black Gel Ink (0.5mm/0.35mm)

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