HOST — Candle & Base

HOST — Candle & Base

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A candle with an afterlife

This object has been designed around two ideas —  the fusion of two very different materials, and the transformation of one function into another after the first has come to an end. The candle is hand poured in a hexagonal mould from Soy wax. Concrete is then poured into the same mould to form the base.

When the original candle has fully burnt its new purpose is uncovered. A brass tube embedded in the concrete acts as a candle holder, accepting all 22mm dinner candles.

This is an exercise in slow design.

Designer: Ian Walton
Ingredients: Blended natural soy wax, Brass, Concrete, Cork
Weight: Candle 200g, Base 130g
Packaged Weight: 380g
Burn Time: 50-60 hrs (approx)

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