CAPSULE Mantle Clock

CAPSULE Mantle Clock

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This object has been designed around the meeting of two very different materials and the contrast between their volumes.

The CAPSULE Clock body is CNC machined from a single block of high density Portuguese cork. This dense, natural material is fronted with a volume of air for the hands, enclosed in German borosilicate laboratory glass. The full length second hand has a sweeping motion without incremental stops - a reminder of the nature of time.

The CAPSULE Mantle clock includes a base, allowing the clock to rest sit on a flat surface. This base is designed as a nod to traditional mantle clocks, and is available in both cork and polyurethane resin.

The clock is packaged in an offcut of cork, a leftover from the machining process. Without repurposing as packaging this would be waste material.

The piece is hand assembled in our studio. From the setting of the hands to the fitting of the glass it all happens here.

Designer: Ian Walton
Movement: Swiss Quartz
Diameter: 180mm
Packaged Weight: 1kg
Package Contents: CAPSULE Clock, Cork Packaging, Leaflet, Wall Mount

Hand Colour:
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