Winding Down

Yesterday I shipped my final watch, which isn't something I thought I would be saying anytime soon. Together with 10 final clocks and a small batch of candles the past fortnight has seen every single item sell out from my small collection. I am entirely 100% dumbfounded... This update is something I thought I would be writing in November, not in June.

Three weeks ago I set about assembling my final batch of 30 watches which I had intended on selling over the remainder of the year — thus bringing NTN and the Time & Space collection to a natural close towards the back end of 2018. When these concluding pieces were fully built I posted several updates to let everyone know, and what has happened in the time since then has been pretty incredible as everything completely sold out within weeks. I'm writing this post both to express my gratitude to everyone and to answer some of the recurring questions which have popped up over this period.

Firstly, Thank You!

Apart from being dumbfounded I am also seriously humbled by this experience and feel very grateful. In between frantically fulfilling orders I have tried to thank everyone individually for their purchases throughout the month but inevitably I may have missed a few. Thank you thank you thank you everybody. I hope that each of the individual items live with you for years and bring you much enjoyment. 

Alongside these orders was a constant stream of goodwill and support from both people I know and people I have never met. This is easily as staggering as the purchases. So thank you to everyone who has been in touch online or in person with positivity over the past few weeks. You're all just great.

Thanks also to anyone who has ever bought a watch from me or supported me over the past few years. And finally a big thanks to my retailers who have been fantastic to work with. Next time you're looking to buy a gift or something nice for yourself give a local retailer your business and visit Coffeewerk & Press, Indigo & Cloth, the Irish Design Shop or SCP London.

Why are you stopping? one of the questions that keeps popping up. So here's as honest and concise an answer as I can put together at this point in time:

Since 2014 I estimate that I have assembled somewhere in the region of 300 watches. Each one takes hours, it's difficult to quantify exactly how many precisely but somewhere between 4 and 5 per piece. The team I have here is minuscule, it's effectively me with the occasional help of a horologist and the odd intern. By and large NTN is my baby and I have never been able to scale it to a point of employing a full time team. 

Just after Christmas 2017 I realised that I haven't actually designed anything in over 2 years, and that was the crux of the decision to draw things to a close. It's time for me to go back to what I believe I am best at, and to explore what being a designer is for me after several years away from it.

What's next? the next most asked question and the answer is I'm not entirely sure.  I will certainly be dedicating a lot of my time to OTHERS (, a joint surf/design project with fellow designer Eoin McNally. It has been very rewarding over the past few years working together to design products that are not only good for people but also good for the world. Crossing over design with environmental and social responsibilities is an area I am particularly interested in.

I have one of your products, can I get a new strap and/or get it serviced?

Yes! Contact me in either situation. I will be producing a batch of straps in the coming weeks for people who own one of my watches and I will be putting in place trusted horologists who know how to fully service your timepiece. I will always do everything I can to get you sorted should something arise.

So there it is, a not-so-short explainer of what is happening here. Well done if you've made it this far! Thanks again to everyone for their interest and support over the years. Any questions you can always reach me at 

Bye for now,

Ian and Fiadh (the hound)

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Final Batch

For the past two weeks I have been building one final batch of W1 watches. It is over four years since I built the first watch, and the journey from 2014 to these concluding pieces has been incredible. I have made this tough decision to bring the collection to a close in order to create space for design again, and to give other projects some real time (no pun intended).

I will post more on that in the coming weeks, but for now this post is an update on this batch. At the time of writing there are 15 units left, and I expect them to be all gone by the middle of next week.

I would hate for anybody who has been keen on a W1 watch to miss out, so please if you are considering a purchase move quickly as i can't guarantee how long they will remain in stock for. All of the final pieces are available in our shop.

As always you can reach me at with any questions you have. 

More soon!



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Our winter sale finished up this morning so we are now back to our normal pricing. Thank you to all of you who picked something up over the past 10 days. All sale orders will ship out by the end of this week.

If you missed out on the sale here's a small gift — James Blake's unbelievable interpretation of Don McClean's "Vincent". Do yourself a favour, take 6 minutes out of your day, put on a pair of headphones, listen to this and breath.

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Pop Up / Delivery

Two weeks ago ago we took part in the Dublin Christmas Flea. It was our first time having a stand at this event - encouraged by Stephen and Damien from GROWN - and it was an incredible experience. Our stand showed items from our 2018 collection alongside our side project, the surf micro-brand OTHERS. From the organisation of the event by the brilliant Sharon, Dave, Luca & Aisling to the strong community of independent makers and brands we were blown away. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came by our stand, had a chat with us or bought some items from our new collection.

Pop Up

For the two weeks in between the Flea and Christmas itself we will be keeping what started at the market going — hosting a pop up design store in our studio on Francis Street. Locally designed and built products from ourselves, OTHERS, GROWN and some cameos from friends will be available. There may also be mulled cider and Christmas tunes. If you want to swing by for a chat or to pick up a Christmas gift direct from the maker you can find us here on the following dates:

Thursday 14th: 5pm - 8pm
Friday 15th: 1pm - 8pm
Saturday 16th: 10am - 6pm

Thursday 21st: 5pm - 8pm
Friday 22nd: 1pm - 8pm
Saturday 23rd: 10am - 6pm

Last Orders

We have now passed the final guaranteed delivery dates for the UK and EU, however we will be shipping out Irish orders until Wednesday 20th December. Any orders placed before midnight on Tuesday 19th will be shipped the next day.

Any orders placed for collection in store can be made until midnight on Thursday 21st and will be available for collection in our studio until 6pm on Saturday 23rd. If you have any specific questions about shipping during this week please email us.

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A new page — It's Friday the 10th of November and this afternoon we launch our 2018 Collection, Time and Space. Almost a year to the day since we established NTN as a standalone brand, and a culmination of a years work exploring how a range of objects could grow around our original W1/D wristwatch. We couldn't be more relieved / excited / happy / tired / apprehensive about getting to this day and it represents a new page for our micro brand and our small team.

Today we introduce four new objects to the fold: the CAPSULE Clock, INKWELL Pen, HOST Candle and a Special Edition of the W1/D. These objects embody our thoughts on tactility, materiality and the physicality amidst the digital and virtual haze in which we all live. More on that here.

Of course our original range of watches is still central to what we do. They continue to exist unchanged and continue to be hand built by our in-house horologist in our studio on Francis St in the centre of Dublin city.

Thank you — As always there are many many people involved in getting to a collection launch and we want to thank everyone here for their knowledge, opinions and support along the way: Nuala O'Shea, Workgroup, Fiona Snow, Walter DeLacy, Andrew Burdock, Declan Scullion, Grown, Dave O'Carroll, Niall Whitelaw, Stephen Walton, Glenn Burrowes, Laura Caulwell, Tim Hardy, Kok-Yee Yau, Jamie Griffin & family Walton. Also we should thank our very lovely stockists for their patience while we got entirely distracted by new products: Laura & Clare at the Irish Design Shop, Dan at Coffeewerk & Press, Gar & Andy at Indigo & Cloth and the team at SCP London.

Shipping dates — Today is our online launch of the collection. The objects themselves are available to order and pre-order in some cases. The W1/D Special Edition, CAPSULE Wall Clock and HOST Candle will begin shipping on the week beginning November 20th. The original W1/D range is currently available for shipping as normal. The INKWELL pen will become available at the start of 2018.

That's everything for now. As ever we can always be reached on with feedback, press enquiries or general questions.

Have a great weekend,


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