Caring for your W1/D

Your strap needs care
Your leather strap is made from soft vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather sourced from Italy and the UK. This will develop an inherent, natural patina that improves with age. This process will happen quickly at the start as the strap wears in, please do not be concerned. This is an aniline leather, meaning that it is non-toxic and extra soft. During production we have hand stitched your strap and applied one coat of natural beeswax which will protect it for several months. We suggest that you carefully clean the strap when needed with a suitable aniline leather cleaner, then recondition using the beeswax provided. Massage the wax into the strap, leave for several minutes and then rub off any excess. We recommend you limit the strap’s exposure to excessive moisture, as this will significantly deteriorate its quality and feel.

It is not fully waterproof
You have bought a hand-made limited-run piece, and for this reason it does not offer a specified water resistance. It is very important that it never becomes submerged in liquid. Exposure to high humidity and light rain showers are acceptable, however, the warranty of the watch does not cover water damage if it becomes fully submerged. This includes showering, swimming, diving or during any other activity where it may be subjected to abnormal water pressures or environments, where abnormal heat and moisture are present (i.e. saunas or steamrooms).

Settings and Adjustments

Setting the time
Pull the watch crown out fully from the operating position to its second adjustment click. You will notice the second hand stops ticking. Turn the crown to the desired time and push it back in fully. The second hand will resume.

Setting the date
Pull the watch crown out to its first adjustment click. Turn the crown to the desired date and push
it back in fully. The second hand will resume.

Please use a clean cloth to remove any dirt from
the case. To clean the crystal please use a chamois cloth. Never submerge the watch case in water. 

Battery Replacement
The W1/D battery is a Swiss-made cell which has an estimated lifespan of 36 months. Please contact us for replacement information when it dies.